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Dino and Adele Iseppi-Biancotti manage a commercial farm in Valposchiavo (Switzerland) also owning fields in Valtellina (Italia), where they cultivate fruit and vegetables. Thus, they start selling their first fruit and vegetables. The products are supplied to the Engadine during the summer and winter via the Bernina pass. 

At the end of the war, the company also begins to purchase products from the region and the nearby Italy, which are sold together with the own production.


The sons Renato, Delio and Arturo enter the company; ISEPPI & Co is founded, now known as Iseppi Frutta SA. The company is modernised and moves on to purchase its first large truck. The company starts purchasing extensively on the markets of Milan and Verona. The circle of customers is continuously expanding; this growing market requires an increasing number of employees and a modern infrastructure. 


The infrastructure in Campascio (Switzerland) is completely renewed, with the construction of the first temperature-controlled cold storage. At the same time, the intense collaboration with the individuals then working in Switzerland at developing the programme of integrated production begins. From that moment on, production is done exclusively using cultivation techniques that are respectful to the environment. 


The company keeps growing, Renato and Delio are founding Villafrut srl in Villafontana (Verona, Italy), an initiative that provides access to the EU markets


The premises in Dornach near Basel (Switzerland) are purchased, a strategic decision which allows the expansion of the product range and the optimisation of the processes of transportation on the Swiss market. 


The Farm in Zizers (Switzerland) is equipped with a new warehouse of 1000 m2. This serves mainly as a hub for transport but also for the storage of our own production.


Villagrow is founded in La Mojonera (Almeria, Spain) this step offers the big advantage  to manage the agricultural production directly in Almeria. The historical relationships with the Iberian producers of Villafrut and Iseppi Frutta are thereby strengthened and further integrating the management of the chain from the fields directly to the shop shelves. 


Roberto and Andrea Iseppi, the representatives of the third generation, take over the direction of Iseppi Frutta SA. 

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