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Our brands



logo joylife


The Jolife® brand is a brand owned by us. The brand guarantees that Jolife® fruit and vegetables are cultivated according to quality standards established in the perspective of the European decree on sustainable agriculture in respect of the rights of our collaborators and in respect of the workplace. The name originates from the abbreviation “Enjoy your life”, as fruit and vegetables give us everything we need to stay well and to feel full of energy and able to enjoy life.

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logo piccobello

Picco Bello®

The Picco Bello® brand is a brand owned by us; it is used to guarantee the quality of particularly high quality and selected products.

logo rubens


Since 2004 Iseppi Frutta SA has had the licence for production and marketing in Switzerland of the Rubens® variety. Rubens® is a bright red apple, crisp, juicy and with high levels of sugar and aroma. The Rubens® apple is a cross between a Gala and an Elstar apple; it owes its unique flavour and aroma to a careful selection from the best orchards. The name derives from the Latin term ‘rubens’ which means red and recalls the Flemish painter Rubens.

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logo crismosnsnowCrimson Snow®

CRIMSON SNOW ® is the brand of a new variety of apples owned by Kiki Variety Management. It’s a worldwide registered brand. The ISEPPI Frutta SA has planted the first plants in winter 2015/2016 and has been selling the Swiss product since spring 2018. In Italy the product is already available from 2015 and the quantities are increasing year by year.
The apple Crimson Snow is of Australian origin and it’s a late variety that is harvested at the end of October. Its main characteristics are the purple color (Crimson) with a white pulp (Snow). The taste is juicy with an exotic note and the apple is of large caliber with a great shelf life.


logo allegraAllegra®

Iseppi Frutta SA has the licence to sell apples under the Allegra® brand, a brand that aims to enhance the Raetia apple.

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