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About Us

We are a profiled European company in expansion in the sector of production and sale of fruit and vegetables which has continued to operate successfully for three generations.

We oversee the entire chain from production to delivery, seeking to meet all our customers' requirements. This is possible thanks to our production partners located in Europe and Overseas, the storage and processing infrastructures owned by the company and its integrated logistics. We are therefore the ideal partner for large retail chains in the fruit and vegetables sector.

Our locations

Who are our production partners?

Our production partners are carefully selected farmers.
The strong points in the management of our production partners are:

  • Regular visits to the farms and annual assessments
  • Assistance in selecting and applying farming techniques and the products applied during cultivation 
  • Quality control of products by treatment logbook monitoring, pre-harvest analyses and checks on the product being delivered 

In addition, we also produce our own pome fruit and stone fruit in:

  • Grisons (Switzerland)
  • Valtellina (Italy)
  • Piedmont (Italy)

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