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Sustainable agriculture

Our commitment to the environment 

Since 1960, we have been committed to using production methods which respect the environment and we were pioneers in applying integrated pest management (IPM) production methods. Today, the production quality standards are established in accordance with the quality standards under the terms of a unique Quality Management System for Jolife-branded products from the perspective of the European decree on sustainable agriculture.

This means:

  • applying agricultural techniques that respect the environment and biodiversity 
  • using products of new environmentally harmless and allowed in the ecological cultivation 
  • using no GMO crop speciesxmpieghiamo le sostanze a basso impatto ambientale
  • applying measures which protect the soil through organic fertilisation and crop rotationxtilizziamo specie coltivate NO OGM
  • reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy sources 
  • optimising the use of all agricultural resources

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